Focus on the Music: Reporting from Denovali Swingfest Essen


This dropped in BC's mailbox today and we just had to share it with you:

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City Insiders: A Guided Tour of Paris [Part 1] by Cem Cinar, Commercial Director of Y/Project


Will you be in Paris for the Fashion Week?

Y/Project Commercial Director, Cem Cinar, has all the details on what you must do and what you must see when in town:

"Before exploring the city, I would like to present myself: My name is Cem, and Cem has many pronunciations. Pick one. I currently work as a Commercial Directorin Paris, while I am also a Designer producing art projects from time to time.

At first, my knowledge of Paris did not stretch any further than the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Champs-Elysees and back. Having arrived here from the Netherlands five years ago with a big suitcase and much bigger dreams, I located myself in a tiny studio on Rue d' Aumale. The discovery of new and exciting spots has not ended since.

Paris is irresistible, and we know it, we...

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JULY 2014

Photography: Spyros Droussiotis
Model: Pietro Nic [actor]
Location: Black Celebration
All clothes by Black Celebration

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People in Black | Claus and Caroline

APRIL 2014

Every time an item we were truly excited about would come in the store, there was always an email from Germany sharing our admiration for the craftsmanship, asking for details, measurements. Many times the item would end up in the post to Munich. Obviously, we were very curious to meet the recipient, the owner of some of BC’s finest items and the person behind the keen eye for outstanding design.

We met Claus in Paris during one of our fashion week adventures and it felt like we knew him for years. When he said he wanted to visit BC in person with his wife, we were thrilled. Watch Claus and Caroline pick their way through some of the new season classics and enjoy with us the garments at their very best: worn by real people with great style.

Music playing during their visit: Year...

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Farewell To A Friend


Our friend and BC super-fan, the beautiful and incredibly vivacious Anna B. is leaving Nicosia for Glasgow. She came by to say her goodbyes and take a last look at the summer collections (you never know when you'll need a flimsy tank-top in Scotland, right?).

Farewell Anna!
Hope Glasgow loves you as much as Nicosia did.

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I'll Be Your Mirror

JULY 2013

“When one individual comes into intimate contact with another, she—or he, of course, as the case may be—must almost inevitably receive or inflict suffering.”
― Aldous Huxley, Crome Yellow

All clothes and accessories: Black Celebration

Photos of Andrei: by Spyros Droussiotis
Photos of Spyros: by Andrei Yakovlev Mich
Editing of photography: Spyros Droussiotis Photography

Music playing during the shoot: All This Time by Terror Bird

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Minutes from Paris Fashion Week (Men Spring |Summer 2014)

JULY 2013

And God knows, when spring comes to Paris the humblest mortal alive must feel that he dwells in paradise... It is that which distinguishes the Parisian from all other metropolitan souls.
Henry Miller, The Tropic of Cancer

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People in Black | The Insiders*: Barbara P.

JUNE 2013

*The Insiders is a new addition to our blog, which aims to shine the spotlight on the people who have worked with us to create and develop the Black Celebration experience and whom we now consider family.

Barbara Panayiotides is half German - half Greek and lives in Thessaloniki with her husband, filmmaker John Karabelas. As a graphic designer she is part of the LesYperYper collective and has worked closely with us for the graphic identity of Black Celebration. She is also the designer of our site.

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Our store designer, artist Phanos Kyriacou, at the 55th Venice Biennale.

JUNE 2013

"This pavilion was a portal to a parallel world. It provided a break from the overload of history that oozes everywhere else from Venice’s bricks. The experience was refreshingly disorienting. Were we still in Venice? Where were the souvenir tote bags and officials from the national ministry of culture and lavishly produced catalogues? What on earth was going on? What was the work and what wasn’t? For once it was nice to simply enjoy the mystery"

So proud of our store designer, artist Phanos Kyriacou, who represented Cyprus (along with artists Constantinos Taliotis, Natalie Yiaxi, Lia Haraki and Maria Hassabi) at the 55th Venice Biennale.

Cyprus participated in collaboration with Lithuania in a project called "Oo", curated by Raimundas Malašauskas. "Oo" (or, "oO" if you prefer),...

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People in Black: Andreas Zen

MAY 2013

Andreas Zen is one of BC’s newest friends. Designer, stylist and make-up artist in equal measures, his innate sense of style, as well as his larger than life presence make us wish that more of his kind were walking the streets –of any city. We love his enthusiasm so we asked him to be photographed in his personal favorites from the SS13 collections. Watch him sway!

Music playing during his visit: The Singles 1983-1995 by Alien Sex Fiend

Personal Style: Comfortable and simple with a dark edge.

Personal choice: The Mod Jacket by Forme D’ Expression, the Over Tunic by Lost & Found, the ¾ sleeve Shirt by The Viridi-anne and the Woven Jacket by Julius.

Black Celebration is… “an institution that broadens our understanding of aesthetics”.

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APRIL 2013

‘Once the door closes, the world is shut out and the Black Celebration universe can be experienced at its best.’
Check out the albums we will be listening to behind BC’s metallic doors this year, in the Playlist we have created for Farfetch’s Superstore blog.

Oh! We almost forgot!
Have you voted yet?

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Forget Me Knot by Sruli Recht


Words by Black Celebration

There is something about him that sets him apart from the flock. His mischievous eyes, his weird – but laughing out loud – sense of humor, his red hair and beard… there is also great passion bursting out of him every time he talks. You don’t have to meet him in person to realize this - you can easily observe it in his creations. Sruli Recht is a passionate man.

I watched his “Forget Me Knot” video. At some points I had to rush it forward (I cannot stand surgery images), but I saw it to the end. I was definitely perplexed afterwards.

What on earth is this?
Is this a way to get attention? He could probably get more of it had he sent out a press release announcing to the world and its grandmother that Karl Lagerfeld is a client. Is this a way to...

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People in Black: Lambros and Cass S.


Brother and sister Lambros and Cass S. are the owners of Silver Star Wine Bar - a Nicosia staple that hosts our after-work drinks and serves the meanest cocktails in town hands down. They both visit BC regularly, either to shop or to share their latest music discoveries and party news. Last Saturday afternoon, we asked them to pick their favorite outfits from BC and stand in front of our camera.

Music playing during the shoot: A Place to Burry Strangers by A Place to Burry Strangers.

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People in Black: Niki S.


We love it when Niki S. visits BC.
It means that we get to see the clothes at their best because whatever she chooses to wear she can pull it off with aplomb. Although she is a full-time lawyer, she is also a part-time actress and this must be the reason why she can wear dramatic in such an effortless way. Have a look.

Music playing during the shoot: Pink Flag by Wire

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Focus On: InAisce


One of BC’s favorite designers and one of the most impressive new talents to come out of NYC in a while, JoNA, the designer behind InAisce, has answered a few of our questions in regards to his Fall/Winter 2012 collection, now in store.

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