Forget Me Knot by Sruli Recht


Words by Black Celebration

There is something about him that sets him apart from the flock. His mischievous eyes, his weird – but laughing out loud – sense of humor, his red hair and beard… there is also great passion bursting out of him every time he talks. You don’t have to meet him in person to realize this - you can easily observe it in his creations. Sruli Recht is a passionate man.

I watched his “Forget Me Knot” video. At some points I had to rush it forward (I cannot stand surgery images), but I saw it to the end. I was definitely perplexed afterwards.

What on earth is this?
Is this a way to get attention? He could probably get more of it had he sent out a press release announcing to the world and its grandmother that Karl Lagerfeld is a client. Is this a way to...

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