City Insiders: A Guided Tour of Paris [Part 1] by Cem Cinar, Commercial Director of Y/Project


Will you be in Paris for the Fashion Week?

Y/Project Commercial Director, Cem Cinar, has all the details on what you must do and what you must see when in town:

"Before exploring the city, I would like to present myself: My name is Cem, and Cem has many pronunciations. Pick one. I currently work as a Commercial Directorin Paris, while I am also a Designer producing art projects from time to time.

At first, my knowledge of Paris did not stretch any further than the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Champs-Elysees and back. Having arrived here from the Netherlands five years ago with a big suitcase and much bigger dreams, I located myself in a tiny studio on Rue d' Aumale. The discovery of new and exciting spots has not ended since.

Paris is irresistible, and we know it, we...

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