Olympia Le-Tan

With an internship at the Chanel studio, followed by one at Balmain and a stint as a DJ at the famous Parisian club Le Baron Olympia Le Tan started working on her limited edition handbags which were presented officially for the first time in 2009.

The first collection was called "You can’t judge a book by its cover" and consisted of handbags and minaudières inspired by first-edition covers of 21 classic books. As the designer puts it, this was “an homage to an aesthetic that has sadly been replaced by cheap-looking, supermarket-images that really don't encourage people to pick up a book.” It was an instant hit with all the international fashion crowd.

All the bags are “Handmade with love in France” - as stated inside each bag on a schoolgirl's label - and lined with a Liberty print. Each style is numbered and limited to only 16 pieces.

The Olympia Le-Tan clutch bags are now being sold in 15 shops around the world.