Chronicles of Never

Since departing from Australian design trio Ksubi, Gareth Moody has turned his attention to developing his own, equally rebellious label, Chronicles of Never. Chronicles has been described as simultaneously leading and ignoring fashion, a description that rather fits the sharp and striking design of the clothing. Moody draws his inspiration from architecture, cubism, space and geometrics- combining a love of industrial design, resulting in quite possibly one of the coolest and unique collections to come out of the fashion world for a while.

In the designer’s words, “When designing alone there is nowhere to hide, your faults are yours as are your triumphs and this applies to every aspect of running your own business/ label. Working as a team member you have room to morph and develop into a different nature. A solo creative does not have that luxury. On the flip side, when you work alone there are less boundaries and less to smooth over. It’s also your vision”.