Dimissianos & Miller

The story of the Dimissianos leatherwear begins in 1948, when Andreas Dimissianos established his workshop on the island of Corfu. The "Dimissianos" were originally known as the specialists of the legendary “Tsarouhia”, the traditional Greek shoes that originate back in the byzantine times and are nowadays worn by the Greek presidential guard. His legacy of shoe-making has been passed on to his son Hector Dimissianos and his wife Carolina Miller, who continue it, develop it and further explore it.

What fascinates and obsesses Dimissianos & Miller are the unique qualities of leather.
Relentlessly, they are exploring its possibilities by exposing it to elements like water, sunlight, earth, air and high temperatures. This way, they deconstruct the traditional mainstream design of the Greek sandal and by pushing its limits, they create a future-oriented product, placing an enhanced importance on craftsmanship and exposing the natural qualities of the leather.

The technology they have developed has led them to the decision to actually unveil and preserve the traces of the process of making the shoes. The distinguished marks on the insole of the shoes which result in shaping and nailing the leather sole on a shoe last, became their signature – this lone and inimitable ornament which guarantees the wearer a unique and thriving passage through the stylish life.

In every line they aim to push the boundaries little by little to see where it is going to take them.

Every time it is a journey to the unknown full of surprises and discoveries.