Joanna Louca for Black Celebration

Joanna Louca is one of the few local artisans whose work researches, explores and continues the tradition of weaving, releasing it from any folkloric connotations attached to them in recent years. While her creations are deeply rooted in and gracefully respectful of the artisanal techniques of the past, her signature zest and playfulness transform them into coveted items, recognised for the luxurious materials used, exceptional craftsmanship and close attention to detail. As a result, her work is signaling the return of forgotten values into the spotlight as something thoroughly modern, creative and fresh, a fact that has helped establish the designer internationally and bring her collections in major stores all over the world.

The Joanna Louca for Black Celebration collection is both surprising and impressive: it consists of hand-woven, oversized statement pieces that appeal to both men and women, made of precious yarns and chunky wool which is employed as key ingredient. It draws attention to strong urban references, whilst retaining an easy elegance, revealing of the designer’s urge to explore purity and simplicity. The opulent richness and heaviness of the weaves is fundamental to the collection, as it combines the plush texture of the tweed, the pointed drafts and the spaced knots to provide each piece with individuality and character.