Ziggy Chen

Chinese designer Ziggy Chen is one of the forces behind the well-known Shanghai-based label, Decoster – one of the oldest designer labels in China. In the second half of 2011, Chen began developing his own personal vision which resulted in the Decoster Concept, a new label that reflected the designer’s growing interest in the accelerating clash between the extremes that he was experiencing around him: the East with the West, the old with the new, the traditional with the modern. The creative research behind the project, the attentive selection of fabrics and the limited number of pieces for each garment make Decoster Concept one of the most exclusive brands in China. The experimentation progressed further with critical acclaim and evolved into his own personal line, under his own name, Ziggy Chen.

The Ziggy Chen man is a traveler, wondering through remote lands and vast empty spaces. At the same time, he is a flaneur who strolls the buzzing streets of the city, observing the urban complexity. The clash between the rural and the urban, the modern and the traditional, the eastern and the western becomes an interesting mix that fuels his designs, while his inspiration is drawn from an amazing blend of early 20th century Shanghai characters, including workmen and dandies, soldiers and monks, herders and bourgeois gentlemen, in equal measures. Shanghai, the city where Chen lives and works, provides the blood-line that gives birth to his designs, while Taoism infuses his creations with the attributes of duality and interdependency.

Ziggy Chen uses fabrics such as wool, hemp and linen augmented with leather and fine cotton, to craft organic pieces embedded with an intangible energy. The fabrics provide the garments with a certain ruggedness, offset by the classic elegance of the design.