Future Classics

A major part of the Future Classics ethos in the past 10 years has been the studied re- & de-construction of the elements of the modern woman’s wardrobe. With each collection, designer Julie Wilkins, continues to explore the dialogue between the traditional and the now post- modern and to fuse the avant-garde with the conservative.

The Future Classics first collection featured a t-shirt undergoing transformation - rotated, cut, replicated until a whole series of garments was formed. All subsequent collections evolved to keep this kind of intelligence and self-reference, either in the form of a jacket, a blouse, a knit twin-set or a semi-couture dress from the DRESS © line.

The values of this radical conservatism continue in the garment manufacture. As an antidote to high-street fashion, the garments use high-end / vintage-make techniques, like French seems, pin hem and hand hemming. Often, the interior of the garment will swap places with the exterior, making the workings of the garment – the construction and the actual thought process – visible.