FOCUS ON: Joanna Louca on the poetry of inspiration


“I collect these images and I think about what is to come, the work, the collection, the new patterns on my loom. A portrait of a woman with feathers on her head, a study of a sculpture or the facade of a house, all observed and captured by anonymous photographers, chosen by me amongst hundreds of lost and found photos.

These particular photos share an almost poetic sadness, capturing a moment in time: the lightness of the feathers pinned on a woman's head, the 'vendalia' tree almost superimposed on the facade of a house, the detail of the metallic headpiece with an elegance contradictory to its material, the bluebell blossoms cold in their stillness, the study of the stone sculpture, all share a fragility and a mystery hidden behind the images. I draw inspiration from each one individually and at the same time from all of them as a collection of images brought together by the same motives: my fascination with simple details and the observation of textures.

The black and white becomes a canvas on which I imagine a color palette which is in turn translated into a mood- board for a new collection. A certain mood and certain colors I want to capture are my starting points for each season, and my favorite part of the process of creation. Reaching a balance between colors and textures is a very private, very personal journey which I cherish, as every time it brings me in front of a new challenge.”

Our collaboration with Joanna Louca is the result of our admiration of her work which we have been following since 1999 when she first established her label, Joanna Louca Woven Accessories. Her innate gracefulness, her sensibilities of an artist and her wide range of references that cross into her work, make it personal and interesting, whilst simultaneously adding to it a sense of familiarity that draws from the traditional technique of weaving, as well as from her relaxed personality. While her creations are deeply rooted in and gracefully respectful of the artisanal techniques of the past, her signature zest and playfulness transform them into coveted items, recognized for the luxurious materials used, exceptional craftsmanship and close attention to detail.

Her Joanna Louca for Black Celebration collection is the first collaboration presented by Black Celebration. It is a limited-edition capsule collection available to order.

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