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One of BC’s favorite designers and one of the most impressive new talents to come out of NYC in a while, JoNA, the designer behind InAisce, has answered a few of our questions in regards to his Fall/Winter 2012 collection, now in store.

Photo: Black Celebration Archive

What was the inspiration behind your FW12 collection and how did it translate in your garments?

I was very interested in exploring some nomadic aesthetics, specifically several Siberian tribes, and a few of the historical peoples who traded along the Silk Road. You can probably see it mostly in the silhouettes and textures.

What was the most challenging/interesting piece to achieve (in terms of technique) and why?

The Abstruse pant was a bit difficult.

The photo-shoots that accompany your latest collections provide the story behind each collection. Where did the FW shoot take place and what challenges did you have to overcome (if any)?

The FW shoot was about 5 hours outside of New York. The dune-like hills were muddy, slippery and [we later found out] dangerous. Some of the clothing was obliterated and $30,000 of photography equipment nearly fell to its death. Everyone on the shoot was all so far from one another that we were communicating with cell phones.

What is your and/or your brand's relation with the current times?

I am trying to figure that out myself...

You are part of a handful of designers that march to the beat of their own drum, disregarding trends and easy sales. How hard is it for a brand like yours to penetrate the fashion establishment and do you think that the world is warming up to the ideas you represent?

Well there are others who have paved the way for this general aesthetic so there is at least an outlet. But INAISCE is different enough to stand out within the genre so I guess we get the best of both worlds.


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