People In Black


Just back from a 2-year stint in NYC and on his way to Rome, Ale P., an MBA graduate, dropped by and tried on his favorite pieces from the new season.

The Pilgrim coat by InAisce.

Personal Style:
Functionality + Form. “The design is very important – probably as much as the impression you make on others by wearing it – however, if you are not comfortable in your clothes it shows on the way you carry yourself and ruins the whole thing”

The Anchorite Xaftan by InAisce, worn with Guidi back-zip boots, The Viridi-Anne Trousers and his own black t-shirt.

Personal Choice:
“I am spoiled for choice here, but I am seriously considering a coat by InAisce because it creates an amazing silhouette that defines whoever wears it”

Black Celebration for me …
... is a great album by the Depeche Mode and a great space in Nicosia where aesthetics is more important than trends and fashion. Whenever I am in town I always drop in to check new things out, discover new designers and listen to great music whilst having a chat about the latest great band”

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