People In Black: Angelos P.


If you live in Nicosia you definitely know Angelos P., the hair stylist and owner of Blow, responsible for dressing many stylish heads in the city. We always find ourselves talking with him about clothes and style and fashion, hence, it was impossible to miss the chance of taking some photos of him wearing our designers in his very personal way. As soon as he showed up with his friend and stylist Christos K., we bought some alcohol, gave them the camera and just sat back and watched the boys go wild.

Music playing during the shoot: Jo in Nine G Hell by The Hair and Skin Trading Company.

Personal Style:
He calls it “dirty” because he has a penchant for mixing together designers that would cancel each other out in everyone else’s mind. He appreciates craftsmanship and materials and believes that clothes are there to be worn and not be admired from afar like works of art.

Oriental shirt by Stephan Schneider, leather trousers by Julius, ankle-boots by Guidi.
Kufic blazer, Ethnic trousers, Arda top and Soumak scarf, all by Stephan Schneider.

Cardigan jacket and Border trousers by Stephan Schneider and ankle-boots by Guidi.
Leather trousers by Julius, Armenian jacket by Stephan Schneider and ankle-boots by Guidi.

Personal Choice:
He has been for years a big admirer of Stephan Schneider’s work.

Taiga Shearling by InAisce and his own bracelet by The Medley Institute.

Black Celebration is...
“…a communication canal that has managed to bridge the gap between the European avant-garde and the local (meta-) reality.”

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