People in Black: Andrei Y.


One of the most interesting faces we have seen in a while, Andrei Y., a foundation student in Fashion & Product Design, entered BC on the first rainy day of winter, flaunting a fierce, individual style.

Music playing during his visit: Phantom Ghost by AUN

Andrei wearing his Chronicles of Never t-shirt.

Personal Style:
Influenced by the music of the underground techno scene, witch house and minimal synth (emphasis on the “underground”), he loves to experiment with metal, leather and chiffon.

The Anchorite Xaftan by InAisce and the Long Leather Biker Jacket by Julius

Personal Choice:
He seems to have a soft spot for InAisce and wears the Wilting High Neck with his own army boots, customized by himself.

Black Celebration is...
"...well, for me BC is a lovely get away from the local pop trends and a reminder of where I’m heading for in the future. Also, the interior of the store gives me a bit of an inspiration every time I visit."

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