People in Black | The Insiders*: Barbara P.

JUNE 2013

*The Insiders is a new addition to our blog, which aims to shine the spotlight on the people who have worked with us to create and develop the Black Celebration experience and whom we now consider family.

Barbara Panayiotides is half German - half Greek and lives in Thessaloniki with her husband, filmmaker John Karabelas. As a graphic designer she is part of the LesYperYper collective and has worked closely with us for the graphic identity of Black Celebration. She is also the designer of our site.

She found herself in Nicosia for the purposes of the 5th International Conference on Typography & Visual Communication, for which LesYperYper organized and curated the “Against Lethe” Mail-Art Exhibition, and we grabbed the opportunity to ask her to wear some of the S|S 2013 pieces.

Apart from being one of our favorite people to work with, she was – unsurprisingly - one of the easiest to photograph for People in Black, as her simple, unassuming style makes anything she chooses to wear look interesting, relaxed and very personal at the same time. Have a look yourselves.

Music playing during her visit: DEATH # DISCO Compilation Volume II

All photos by John Karabelas.

Personal choice:
Serien°Umerica for the ingenious simplicity, Elena Dawson for the delicate craftsmanship and InAisce for the unparalleled, out-of-this-world, minimalist aesthetics.

Personal style:
Clean lines, simple and loose pieces, but always inclined to the occasional addition of a personal twist.

Black Celebration is... always an inspirational experience. Behind its vault-like facade, lies a unique world of aesthetics, music, design, craftsmanship and art.
Each time I visit Black Celebration I find myself captivated by the unconventional edginess of the space itself and of the collection of clothes and items inside, that are carefully selected and introduced by its visionary owners. I'm always looking forward getting back to Nicosia to get together with them and relive the experience!

Dress by Serien°Umerica.

Long Newton Dress by Lost & Found, In Decaying Orbit Bracelets by Sruli Recht, Mules with Half Heel by Guidi.

Mix Flower Blouse by Elena Dawson

Barrel Trousers by Forme d’ Expression, Tank Top & Leather Straps by Serien°Umerica.

Blanket Sleeveless Coat & Barrel Trousers by Forme d’ Expression, Tank Top (worn underneath) by Serien°Umerica, Oversized Wooden Object Bracelet by The Medley Institute.

Highneck Sleeveless Top with Bustle by Marc Le Bihan, Curved 3/4 Trousers by Forme d’ Expression, Brown-Toned Lace-Up Heels by Guidi, Billet Bag by Olympia Le-Tan.

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