Thriving Underground at Les Yper Yper


Had you been walking outside the busy side-street off Aristotelous Sq in Thessaloniki last Saturday night, you would have seen the people dressed in black smoking outside the basement that houses the creative streak of Les Yper Yper*, a collective of visual and sonic artists. If you walked down the stairway of the former discotheque, you would have felt part of a story reminiscent of those that only take place in edgy metropolitan cities on the other side of the globe.

Guests were welcomed by a hit of smoke, sweat and darkness that the stuff of legend was made of in years past. Not all of them could see the band playing hard at the back of the room but they could see the shadows of the people dancing under the parachute that was hanging over the musicians like the walls of a sea cave. And they could hear the music: distorted and otherworldly, The Underground Youth played on the cutting edge of our era.

What the gig was lacking in stage and ventilation, it made up for in intimacy and unassuming atmosphere. And a great dark sound. Someone asked “Was the ‘Velvet Underground at the Factory’ vibe recreated on purpose?” Nope, it wasn’t. But that's exactly how we like it.

* Les Yper Yper is a physical/conceptual habitat populated by a group of creatives active in the full range of visual/sonic arts, practice and applications. Members of the collective are responsible for the Black Celebration branding , website and more. Parallel to its main activities, Les Yper Yper hosts events, screenings, installations as well as seminars and workshops. Visit them at .

All photos by Black Celebration.

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