Black Celebration is an “un-store”: a space where people can engage in discovering a different viewpoint on fashion, art, culture and music, and even purchase it if they want to own a piece of it.

The first establishment of its kind in Cyprus, Black Celebration is founded on a particular concept: Nothing is only what it seems like.

Every item presented in the space is meticulously selected as a unique piece with its own story to tell, in conjunction with the experience of exploring the store as a whole. As a result, the space becomes a platform that effortlessly brings together each creator’s background, their adopted aesthetics and their magnificent craftsmanship, in a combination that can inspire anyone who takes the time to observe it.

In consequence to the store’s philosophy, the artists represented consciously stay away from the commercial mainstream. They are primarily concerned with exploiting the mystery of their craft, rather than complying with the demands of seasonal tendencies. Accordingly, whatever you choose to add to your collection at the end of your visit, not only will it be cherished like a trusted companion for many years to come, but will essentially be enhanced by your personal adventures through time.

Black Celebration is spread on two floors. In order to see every item on offer, you have to overcome some challenges, purposefully applied by the Berlin-based artist, Phanos Kyriacou, who developed the interior: a wall of galvanized metal in the window case; rooms within the room; narrow corridors; no safety rails on the first floor and many other details you can gradually discover by walking through its every alcove.

The effort you make and the time you take to go through the space will attune you to the pace of the store’s entity, indicating that the obvious is not the only available option.

Black Celebration is determined to prove it.