Black Celebration Presents: A Guerilla Shop curated by Christos Kyriakides


Black Celebration is proud to host A Guerilla Shop curated by Christos Kyriakides, a cutting edge stylist and art director, bringing together the most amazing selection of diverse artists and novel products. The Guerilla Shop will be staying at Black Celebration for 5 days, between December 19th and 24th.

During its stay, apart from the artists and products being introduced, a series of events will also be hosted, performed by some of the most interesting people on the island.

Artists and Products:
We Are Still Bold & Beautiful (B&B Guerilla)
Joanna Louca Woven Accessories
Constantinos Demosthenous
Phanos Kyriakou
Natalie Yakshe
Soteris Kallis
Baron Magazine
Philippos Vasiliades
Eleni Panayidou
Floricienta luvenalis
Elyssia Athanatou
A Man To Pet

Dec 19 | 18:00
DJ Apostle opening tunes

Dec 22 | 17:00
An independent DJ unit, conceptualized and directed by Nico Stephou (Pœms), Weronika Georgiou (Mohama Tayalof) and guest friends. They are having a lift-off at the Guerilla Shop, introducing themselves for the first time.

Dec 23| 18:00
Video Screening: "Love me or leave me" by Alexandros Pissourios.