Advantages of Digital Label Printing

Label printing is a popular photo label technology used to produce artwork on products, services, and other materials. It can be used for various purposes, and it offers many advantages over traditional photo labels, such as ease of use, cost, and portability. Here are some benefits of digital label printing in Aurora, CO that set it apart from its competition:

Wrinkle-free images

Labeling images on product covers or other products require the placement of dry labels so that the product remains intact when the lid is closed. This is non-wrinkled content which means no wrinkles or creases. When you look closely at a sticker or photo label, you can see a crackle effect where the wet label meets the dry one. With digital label printing, there is no crackle effect at all, and the texture of the adhesive is much more consistent than it usually is with traditional photo labels.

High-frame rate

Digital label printing is known for its ability to keep up with changing content. You can work on your design at a full-frame rate and print it as often as you want without adjusting the texture of your images. This is unlike traditional photo labels that must be printed from a single file. It means you do not need to worry about your project running out before you can get ready to print more or even having it arrive at the printer too early because there are no settings or preset parameters for adjusting artwork for each job.

Easy image manipulation

With digital label printing, you can click on an image, right-click and select “Edit” in Photoshop Elements or other similar programs on a computer, and make changes to the image by increasing or decreasing the brightness of colors and brushing outlines. With traditional photo labels, such color editing only works if you have done all your modifications in Photoshop Elements or any other program before placing the label sheet in your printer. Digital label printing offers the same functionality with a much simpler interface than traditional photo labels.

In conclusion, digital label printing has many advantages over traditional photo labels. The main advantage is the ability to print your artwork without a specific printer, which means that the costs per print are much lower for such small runs. You can share images and edit them at any time without having to re-print costs high. Furthermore, software on most computers and printers can control all of these features, so you can expect ongoing costs to be lower than ever before when using digital label printing with your printers.