Types of cutters to make a perfect plate of French fries

We all love a crispy heart-warming plate of French fries. However, it requires a skill to cut the perfect shape for every piece of French fries. The process is even more difficult where fast and mass potato cutting is required such as in a restaurant. Inorder to make the process easier, an efficient french fry cutter is an essential kitchen unit.

Let us know about different categories of this kitchen unit found in the market.

Types of cutters based on functionality

  • Manual cutter

This unit requires manual labour and uses a manual lever or handle to produce the cuts. Straight, wedge and speciality cut fries can be produced with less effort. They are appropriate for small food businesses and startups like a concession stand or a small café.

  • Automatic

Electric or air powered automatic fry cutters are typically best for businesses that need to deliver mass fries per day. High volume restaurants and large food joints can take advantage of these cutting units. They are time-saving, provide fine and perfect cuts for every piece and save a lot of manual labour. They run on electric powers or air cylinders that force potatoes through the blades.


Types of cutters based on the built

  • Plastic fry cutter

The plastic body cutter comes with stainless steel blades that cut potatoes into square shaped fries. It is a manual unit and requires the potatoes to be pushed down through the blades.

  • Crinkled fry cutter

Stainless steel blade and a handle to hold it in your hand, this cutter is used to cut veggies into curls or other innovative shapes. It can cut vegetables like potatoes, fruits, soaps, waffle fries and others.

  • Potato cutter with 2 blades

Perfect for a large batch of fries, this unit comes with different types of blades. The blades help in bringing variation to the food by cutting veggies into thick or thin sized slices.

  • Stainless steel potato cutter

A sturdy built from stainless steel, this cutter can cut large sized potatoes into slices at one go. This type is preferred for its strength and durability.

  • Potato slicer with container

This slicer comes with an additional container to collect the slices as soon as cut. Working on a press mechanism, the cutter can slice a variety of vegetables and fruits.